Welcome to the Tribe

Builder A
Builder A

I’ve been building online since I learned about the internet as a teenager. On and off I have created websites, blogs, ebooks, services, newsletters, videos, and more. I have written, coded, talked, and edited for countless hours.

It has been a wonderful journey.

But every journey has its up and downs. And I have experienced my share of failures and successes. Mostly failures.

I have learned a lot. Grown a lot. I have built things I’m proud of and some less so.

But I still have a long way to go. I have so much to learn. So many questions to answer. Which I think is why Tim Ferris’s Tribe of Mentors sparked an idea.

What if I could also assemble my own tribe of mentors? What if I could find other builders and learn from them?

And so Tribe of Builders was born.

I copied shamelessly stole the idea from Tribe of Mentors:

Reach out to people building interesting things and see if they are kind enough to share some of their knowledge and experience. If they are, I’ll share it with you. Here.

I’m starting a new journey. Let’s see how it goes.

Onwards and upwards.